About Us

LiveIntuitions Technologies (LiveInTech) is a boutique services provider, offering Design, Data Science and Tech-Solutioning via software engineering services. The founding team has decades of experience and worked with reputed firms in Telecom, Retail, Banking & Financial Services, Logistics & Transportation.

With exposure across multiple functions including Product Engineering, Big Data Solutioning, Enterprise Blockchain provisioning, scalable BPM & SOA implementations and process re-engineering, the team is leveraging its collective experience to deliver best in class services and great convenience to proud customers and partners. We are process innovators, focused on extracting the highest possible returns on investments. At LiveIntech, we help you realise a balanced proportion of technology and business in complete synergy.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift"

Albert Einstein

We don't quite believe in a "one size fits all" policy and have seen the difference that a tailor-made product can bring to businesses. Exactly why we love building custom solutions for all our clients and partners. We take pride in challenging ourselves and extending boundaries to create new products and novel solutions for traditional and new age businesses.

  • Mobile Enablement
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Integration And Digitization

We combine Design Thinking along with Agile Development to help build next generation products and platforms. We understand the disruptive digital transformation force on traditional businesses, and help them use the new age technologies to keep up the competitive advantage. We identify the innovative ways to connect with end customers and build efficient products to keep up the pace of change. We leverage our niche technology pedigree and product innovation practices for a true digital transformation, keeping end customers at center to achieve a cost effective long term scalable solution.

We provide a speedy turn-around for any of the disruptive ideas to test the feasibility thus provide a bandwidth to try out for best possible fitment. Our Distributed Agile Delivery experience along with a New Age Technology Stack provides a platform to serve proof-to-a-concept before considering a larger budget program. Whether you are a large established company or an ambitious start-up we can help in giving wings to those thoughtful ideas. Our past experience and global presence bring an unmatched exposure & understanding to participate in solution design, compare to a traditional outsourcing relationship.

We have helped large and small organisations with niche consulting to help plan, optimise and transition into new transformational robust IT services. We are early evangelists in Business Process Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Data Democratisation, Big Data Analytics and IoT. We have successfully delivered large scale transformation projects. We have helped clients worldwide with optimizing their IT spending and improving day-to-day business processes resulting in mega yearly savings and enhanced revenue realisation.